The Top Promotional Products To Keep Your Customers Connected

  • Jun 30, 2024

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t use a digital device these days! As we continue to expand into the digital world, staying connected is more important than ever. With these six top tech promotional products, you can ensure that your brand will get daily exposure and your customers will always stay online.


1.       Fast Charge Power Bank

black powerbank with the word "otterbox" embossed on it

This sleek, durable battery pack charges devices – fast! The OtterBox Portable Fast Charge Power Banks are designed with industry-leading mobile expertise and a uniquely robust quality! This power bank features USB-A and USB-C ports to allow for multi-device charging. The LED power indicator displays the charging status and current battery life.


2.       “In Charge Alloy” Aluminum Portable Power Bank Charger

blue, rectangular, power bank with the words "spider tech" in silver

Battery running low? No problem! This aluminum alloy-cased lithium-ion power bank will recharge your battery when running low, giving your customers that extra battery burst when needed.


3.       3-in-1 Charging Cable

charging cable with a round disk at the end and a usb, usb-c, lightning cable, and micro-usb attached to the endAre you not quite sure what type of mobile devices your client uses? This 3-in-1 charging cable is the answer! This handy little charging cable is compatible with Apple and Android devices with a five-foot-long cord. It comes with a USB-A and USB-C power source on the end so that it can plug in pretty much anywhere.


4.       Portable UV-C Light Cellphone Sterilizer and Wireless Charging Stand

woman holding phone to put down on a white rectangular objectLet’s be honest for a second – phones are kind of gross! This UV light phone sterilizer will take care of those germs, viruses, and bacteria in as little as ten seconds. Plus, it’s a wireless charger! Bonus!


5.       PopSockets PopWallet+ Lite

black rectangular object with round button and card adhered to a white phone

We have our phones with us constantly – why not make it a wallet too? The PopWallet+ Lite offers a secure way to carry all the essential debit, credit, and identification cards needed to get through the day. It’s made from flexible silicone with a built-in PopSockets grip.


6.       Soul Buddies

a small, black, pill shaped container with a water bottle and the words "evian" on the case. next to it are two black ear buds. Soul Buddies are the coolest thing since sliced bread! They combine a portable speaker and wireless earbuds into one convenient and fun audio device! Just connect a mobile device to the wireless speaker with friends or switch to the earbuds stored inside the speaker to jam to 90s boybands without anyone knowing! The clever design includes a clip to easily attach the device to a backpack, keys, purse, and more.



Did you see anything you liked? Or maybe something gave you a spark of inspiration? Give us a call today to brainstorm your latest promotional products project!


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